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Cover art of RECYCLE YOUR LAMPS' online brochure.  A downloadable four-page brochure explaining how easy it is for Winnipeg companies, industries, and institutions to recycle their fluorescent lamps.

Cover art of RECYCLE YOUR LAMPS’ online brochure. A downloadable four-page brochure explaining how easy it is for Winnipeg companies, industries, and institutions to recycle their fluorescent lamps.

Everybody talks about “going green”, but there’s always the question of how to do it.  We have a solution to recycling used fluorescent lamps, for businesses, industries and institutions in Winnipeg and throughout Manitoba.

When we launched the concept of RECYCLE YOUR LAMPS! we developed a four-page brochure.  The people we talked to often said, “I won’t be the one making this decision, but I’ll make sure this goes on the desk of the right person.”

Rather than paper Manitoba with printed flyers, we’re making available a four-page electronic version of our brochure.  It explains the easy steps to get your started on a fluorescent lamp recycling program.

Have a look.  Download it and pass it along.  Send an email to “the right person.”  Print it out if you must.

And start the conversation.


Faster, More Flexible Fluorescent Lamp Recycling

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Manitoba’s businesses and institutions need flexible and frequent pickups of their “landfill-divertable” florescent lights and ballasts.

We’ve listened, and made changes to our Collection and Pickup Programs. We think you’ll be excited by these improvements.

We’re increasing the frequency of our pickup service around Winnipeg. Our pickup time is now three business days for all our recycling customers. As soon as your bin is full, call us, and we’ll bring you a new one.

We’ve improved our collection systems. We’re phasing out the wooden bins and cardboard barrels for regular fluorescent lamps, and moving to blue plastic closeable barrels.  These are available on a yearly rental basis. With our new increased pick up service, though, you won’t be needing multiple barrels.  This will free up floor space in your building.

We’ve increased our capacity. We’ve partnered with K-Light Recycling of Regina to increase our lamp recycling capacity.  K-Light is an approved processor of all lamps, including those containing mercury.  (A complete list of acceptable products will be up on this site shortly). K-Light is used by large scale users such as Manitoba Hydro and the University of Manitoba.   Meanwhile, we’ve upgraded our ballast recycling capacity.  We now offer 100% recycling of materials for both products.

We’re building Manitoba’s best fluorescent light and ballast collection, landfill diversion and recycling network.  Contact us to get started.


Questions and Answers: Fluorescent Recycling in Manitoba

When we talk about RECYCLE YOUR LAMPS fluorescent recycling programs with Manitobans, we get asked a number of questions. So, every so often, we’ll answer these questions here at


Isn’t there already a provincially mandated recycling program for fluorescent lamps in Manitoba?


The Manitoba government has created a residential Household Hazardous Products program, administered through a company called Product Care, and the program does include fluorescent lights.  It took effect in May 2012.  However, there are a limited number of collection depots, and the depots are intended for consumers only.  There’s a specific rule against commercial and institutional lamps being dropped off at these retail locations. (See the limitations of the program here.)

While we’re happy to see a responsible end-of-use program in place for Manitobans, there are studies showing roughly 80 percent of all fluorescent bulbs in use are in retail, commercial, and institutional settings.  That’s a lot of lamps not covered by this program.

That’s where we come in.  We supply the bins at your location, pick them up when your bins are full, and divert them from the landfill.

Surf around our site, then give us a call to get started.